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Unique Wedding Venue Ideas

Once, people were limited to just two options when it came to wedding venues; a church or a registry office. Now, there are more venues than ever with a license to conduct weddings. This means that couples have a much wider choice of potential wedding venues available to them and can choose somewhere that reflects their personalities and adds something special to their big day. If you are looking for memorable and unique wedding venues in the UK, then the following six options are something you may wish to consider:

Cley Windmill

Located on the Norfolk Coast, Cley Windmill is one of the most unique wedding venues in the UK. It provides an unusual setting with spectacular coastal views. This venue is ideally suited to intimate occasions as it can only accommodate 22 guests with accommodation available for up to 20 people. However, there is a marquee to hire for the outdoor space and this provides greater capacity for guests. Canapes, champagne, Norfolk cream tea and wedding breakfasts are available.

The National Marine Aquarium

This Plymouth-based attraction is also available as a venue for weddings. The aquarium provides a unique and relaxing atmosphere to celebrate your nuptials with your friends and family. It is even possible to have your breakfast within one of the tunnel tanks so you are completely surrounded by beautiful marine life.

Brooklands Museum

Available for both small and large wedding parties, this aviation and motoring museum offers a variety of wedding options. You can marry in the art deco surroundings of The Napier Room or even on board a vintage Concorde. This venue can accommodate up to 120 guests for the ceremony and as many as 180 for the reception. The food is of an excellent standard and entertainment can include car rides for your guests.

Eden Project

One of the most stunning and exotic settings in the UK to have a wedding is the Eden Project. There are both indoor and outdoor options at this unique wedding venue in Cornwall. You will feel like you are marrying in the jungle and the surroundings are perfect for wedding photographs. The two venue choices are the Mediterranean Biome and the Rainforest Biome. Food and drink are included in the wedding packages and there is even the option of a winter wedding package in which couples can marry on an ice rink.

The National Space Centre

Anyone looking for a modern and exciting venue for their wedding should consider The National Space Centre. The six themed space galleries and the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium provide futuristic settings for your wedding and guests can enjoy drinks in the Rocket Tower. Use of the venue is exclusive in the evening and the wedding packages include food. Furthermore, your guests are entertained throughout with a range of exhibitions and interactive experiences in this venue.

Wasing Park

This fairy-tale woodland setting in Berkshire is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy an outdoor wedding. There is even a bar and a stage nestled in the trees so your entire wedding can take place in this stunning outdoor setting. However, there is also a barn at the venue if the weather does take a turn for the worse. If you have always dreamed of a religious ceremony but are still looking for something unique, there is also the option to marry in the Church of St. Nicholas, which stands in the grounds of Wasing Estate. This venue can cater for up to 150 guests and boasts a honeymoon suite, 26 rooms and two self-catering properties. A catering team and an events manager are available.

The Scotch Whisky Experience

The Scotch Whisky Experience is something that is completely different to all other wedding venues. This is a fantastic choice for people with Scottish heritage or those whose favourite tipple is whisky. This is one of the top attractions in Scotland’s capital city and can host a wedding with up to 80 guests. As part of your wedding, you can combine a fine dining experience with tasting whisky made in the attractions own distillery.

These are just some of the unusual and unique wedding venues available in the UK. There are many more interesting venues that will help you to personalize your special day and reflect your interests and personalities. By finding the perfect venue you will make your wedding all the more memorable for you and your guests.

wedding photograph album

Presenting Your Wedding Photographs

There are several things to think about when choosing how to present your photos. These include what you want to do with your photographs, your budget and how many photographs you need.

If you are planning to display photographs of your wedding in your home, the most popular ways to do this are in photograph frames or on a mounted canvas. Both are available in a variety of sizes and your photographer will explain all your options and the prices.

Most couples want a collection of photographs as a memento but do not have enough wall space to accommodate all these photos. The most sensible option is to have a wedding album. Again, these come in all shapes, sizes and styles and your photographer will show you examples.

Finally, you may wish to have photographs for your guests. One way to do this is to send them a photo of the happy couple or the group photo as either a thank you card or just as an individual photograph. If your budget will stretch to it, you may even choose to give each guest the gift of a photograph which they feature in from the day.

Once you have found your ideal photographer, it is important that you discuss each of these factors with them. By doing so, you will have the perfect photographs to commemorate your special day.

which style of wedding photography

Which Photography Style to Choose for Your Wedding

There are many different styles of photographs you can choose for your wedding. It is essential to talk to the photographer prior to the wedding about the results you want to achieve and then again after the wedding.

The photographer will take a wide variety of shots that consist of both natural shots and pictures taken with set poses. The finish of the photographs is one of the most important considerations and you may not decide this until after the wedding when you meet with the photographer. For example, the photographer can produce colour, black and white or sepia prints of your photographs. You may opt to have all your wedding photographs in the same style or to choose different styles for each of the photographs.

Other Fun Ideas for Wedding Photography

Hiring a photographer is not the only way you can get photographs of your wedding as it is fun to involve your guests in capturing memories from your wedding. Adding cameras to the tables at your reception with which your guests can take photographs is one option. Another is to hire a photo booth with fancy dress clothes for the reception. Not only does this allow guests to take photographs, it is an interesting way to keep everyone entertained

nighttime wedding photography

When to Take Photographs on the Big Day

It is important to have photographs taken at different times of the day to capture the most special moments and these should include individual shots, photos of groups and, most importantly, snaps of the happy couple.

Plan to do as many pictures as possible before the ceremony. Everyone’s makeup will look the best and you will all have more energy then. Don’t forget that you may even want pictures of everyone getting ready such as the bride getting her hair and makeup done and the groom putting on his tie. Pictures of the church and reception venue before people arrive would be nice too.

Before the ceremony, some popular shots include the groom with his best man, the bride getting ready and the bride arriving at the church or wedding venue. During the ceremony, key moments to capture include the bride and her attendants walking down the aisle, the exchange of rings, signing the register and walking back down the aisle as a married couple. A good photographer will take these shots from a variety of angles.

Many couples do not want to see each other before the ceremony. If you plan to follow that tradition just simply plan to have the pictures of the two of you together taken after the ceremony.

f you have an evening wedding try to get some outdoor sunset pictures. These images are stunning. An experienced photographer can edit and enhance them too.


Photography on the Wedding Day!

Once the big day arrives try to relax. Having an experienced, professional photographer should put your mind at ease. They have done it before. If you’re nervous, try to not look down or away. The photographer can’t get great pics if they can’t see your face. To avoid a fake and nervous smile, try to think of something funny so you will smile more naturally. And lastly, don’t expect perfection. Things don’t always go as planned and that’s okay. Keep that in mind. Simply smile and enjoy the day!


Your Initial Meeting With the Wedding Photographer

Make a plan with the wedding photographer and decide on exactly where you want him or her to be taking pictures and at which stages throughout the wedding.

Plan to do as many pictures as possible before the ceremony. Everyone’s makeup will look the best and you will all have more energy then. Don’t forget that you may even want pictures of everyone getting ready such as the bride getting her hair and makeup done and the groom putting on his tie. Pictures of the church and reception venue before people arrive would be nice too.

Before you wrap up the meeting with your photographer, sign a contract that states all of the details including the price and how and when you will receive the images. Many places will include a CD with all of the photos on it in addition to a few different size prints. It all depends on the package you choose and what the photographer offers. Later on, after you receive your images, put them in a nice photo album to store them. Maybe even get creative and make a scrap book of the special day.


Deciding Where to Shoot Photos for the Wedding

You will want many pictures taken of the ceremony itself. The bride walking down the aisle and the groom watching her. These will be precious photos to cherish forever. You will want pictures of the bridesmaids and groomsman waiting as well. And don’t forget to capture the flower girl and ring bearer. Little kids do some hilarious and adorable things. You will want a picture of it for sure.

If you want close up pictures, tell the photographer that. They may have to get in the middle of the aisle or even on the stage to get the best shots. Close up shots of everyone’s faces really show the emotions of them all. It’s more intimate and special. You will want some nice pictures of that special first kiss as a married couple too. Let the photographer know if you want close up shots of that as well.

Do you want indoor pictures? Outdoor pictures? Maybe you want both. I A big thing these days seems to be action shots. These natural photos tend to be more meaningful than posed pictures. Get some photos taken of the two of you laughing and talking. Do some silly poses too. It will make you laugh for years to come. Make sure your photographer gets some action shots of you with family as well.

The reception is great place to capture many natural pictures. If you want your photographer to attend the reception as well as the ceremony, make sure you tell them that. They can hang back and take random pictures of loved ones and pictures of you hugging family and friends. If there is anything specific you want captured at the reception, be sure to have that on your list. No doubt you will also want pictures of the first dance, cutting the cake and the garter and bouquet toss.


Providing the weather is good, there are usually photographs taken outside in the prettiest settings available. An experienced photographer will have an eye for the places that will give the best shots. This is also a good opportunity for the photographer to take photographs of the guests in group shots, such as family, friends and everyone who has attended the wedding together.

At the reception, your photographer will take more shots of your guests. This is important if there are people attending the reception and not the ceremony. Again, they capture special moments, such as the first dance and the cutting of the cake.

planning your wedding photographer

Planning and Scheduling Your Wedding Photographer

To make sure you get the best wedding photographs possible, it is important to choose the right photographer. The first way to do this is to ask friends and family about their experiences of different photographs to help you decide the pros and cons of each. Next, read online reviews to find out what other couples who have hired photographers for their wedding have to say. Finally, arrange to meet several wedding photographers. Ask to see portfolios of their work so you can compare each of the photographers and choose the one you prefer.

A lot of time goes into planning a wedding. Capturing the best wedding photos possible is one thing among many on a long list of things to plan out. There are many details to figure out when it comes to wedding photography.

Many people schedule their wedding date during the Spring or Summer months. This way wedding pictures can be taken outside and the weather will be warm. The days are longer during these months as well so more daylight is available to capture pictures.

Having the photo session planned out weeks or perhaps months before your wedding day is recommended. Read reviews and ask around to find a reputable photographer. This is especially important if you want someone who does unique work. If you have settled on a certain photographer it may be a good idea to have them take your engagement pictures. This way you can get to know him or her and get a feel for how well they do. Remember, you want to be comfortable around them. They will be following you around nearly the whole time on the day of your wedding and you don’t want things to be awkward.