wedding photograph album

Presenting Your Wedding Photographs

There are several things to think about when choosing how to present your photos. These include what you want to do with your photographs, your budget and how many photographs you need.

If you are planning to display photographs of your wedding in your home, the most popular ways to do this are in photograph frames or on a mounted canvas. Both are available in a variety of sizes and your photographer will explain all your options and the prices.

Most couples want a collection of photographs as a memento but do not have enough wall space to accommodate all these photos. The most sensible option is to have a wedding album. Again, these come in all shapes, sizes and styles and your photographer will show you examples.

Finally, you may wish to have photographs for your guests. One way to do this is to send them a photo of the happy couple or the group photo as either a thank you card or just as an individual photograph. If your budget will stretch to it, you may even choose to give each guest the gift of a photograph which they feature in from the day.

Once you have found your ideal photographer, it is important that you discuss each of these factors with them. By doing so, you will have the perfect photographs to commemorate your special day.