Deciding Where to Shoot Photos for the Wedding

You will want many pictures taken of the ceremony itself. The bride walking down the aisle and the groom watching her. These will be precious photos to cherish forever. You will want pictures of the bridesmaids and groomsman waiting as well. And don’t forget to capture the flower girl and ring bearer. Little kids do some hilarious and adorable things. You will want a picture of it for sure.

If you want close up pictures, tell the photographer that. They may have to get in the middle of the aisle or even on the stage to get the best shots. Close up shots of everyone’s faces really show the emotions of them all. It’s more intimate and special. You will want some nice pictures of that special first kiss as a married couple too. Let the photographer know if you want close up shots of that as well.

Do you want indoor pictures? Outdoor pictures? Maybe you want both. I A big thing these days seems to be action shots. These natural photos tend to be more meaningful than posed pictures. Get some photos taken of the two of you laughing and talking. Do some silly poses too. It will make you laugh for years to come. Make sure your photographer gets some action shots of you with family as well.

The reception is great place to capture many natural pictures. If you want your photographer to attend the reception as well as the ceremony, make sure you tell them that. They can hang back and take random pictures of loved ones and pictures of you hugging family and friends. If there is anything specific you want captured at the reception, be sure to have that on your list. No doubt you will also want pictures of the first dance, cutting the cake and the garter and bouquet toss.


Providing the weather is good, there are usually photographs taken outside in the prettiest settings available. An experienced photographer will have an eye for the places that will give the best shots. This is also a good opportunity for the photographer to take photographs of the guests in group shots, such as family, friends and everyone who has attended the wedding together.

At the reception, your photographer will take more shots of your guests. This is important if there are people attending the reception and not the ceremony. Again, they capture special moments, such as the first dance and the cutting of the cake.