which style of wedding photography

Which Photography Style to Choose for Your Wedding

There are many different styles of photographs you can choose for your wedding. It is essential to talk to the photographer prior to the wedding about the results you want to achieve and then again after the wedding.

The photographer will take a wide variety of shots that consist of both natural shots and pictures taken with set poses. The finish of the photographs is one of the most important considerations and you may not decide this until after the wedding when you meet with the photographer. For example, the photographer can produce colour, black and white or sepia prints of your photographs. You may opt to have all your wedding photographs in the same style or to choose different styles for each of the photographs.

Other Fun Ideas for Wedding Photography

Hiring a photographer is not the only way you can get photographs of your wedding as it is fun to involve your guests in capturing memories from your wedding. Adding cameras to the tables at your reception with which your guests can take photographs is one option. Another is to hire a photo booth with fancy dress clothes for the reception. Not only does this allow guests to take photographs, it is an interesting way to keep everyone entertained