Your Initial Meeting With the Wedding Photographer

Make a plan with the wedding photographer and decide on exactly where you want him or her to be taking pictures and at which stages throughout the wedding.

Plan to do as many pictures as possible before the ceremony. Everyone’s makeup will look the best and you will all have more energy then. Don’t forget that you may even want pictures of everyone getting ready such as the bride getting her hair and makeup done and the groom putting on his tie. Pictures of the church and reception venue before people arrive would be nice too.

Before you wrap up the meeting with your photographer, sign a contract that states all of the details including the price and how and when you will receive the images. Many places will include a CD with all of the photos on it in addition to a few different size prints. It all depends on the package you choose and what the photographer offers. Later on, after you receive your images, put them in a nice photo album to store them. Maybe even get creative and make a scrap book of the special day.